Photography is not just a hobby anymore. It has evolved from just portraits to a glamorous profession. Now even a thoughtful photograph taken from a smartphone can turn into a piece of art. Photography training institute is a testimony of how popular this creative course has become. Also to encourage more and more students to […]

Auto mode in a camera is so comfortable that some may even think why to bother about a manual mode! Well, if it’s you, such underestimation will cost you the opportunity to capture a lot of wonderful pictures that happens only by employing your acquired expertise. Learning at a photography school, you can handle every […]

Monsoons are not just to snuggle in with a hot cup of tea and pakoras, this season even brings out the seasonal creativity in all of us. In the creative context across domains of fashion designing, interior design, jewellery design and photography, monsoon is a special season that can be celebrated in style, with total […]

An image stands out in the way the central subject and peripheral elements are portrayed in the frame and how the colours and perspective communicate the theme of the photograph effectively. Everything about a good photograph follows the perfect agreement of multiple components of a shot with the composition of the picture. A photography school […]

Photography is a fascinating profession, especially for those who love spending time with their camera. There are many elements in a camera that help in capturing great pictures. An in-depth understanding of each element can help you improve your photography skills. Layers are one of the most important features used in post-processing of a photograph. […]

About many years ago, who would have thought that something as basic as a phone could do so many things other than making and receiving calls. Smart phones of this age have been a great boon to photographers. Looking through the lenses of a camera and capturing the essence of our daily lives is not […]

A camera has the potential to open up a whole new world. While most of us enjoy photography, quite often we get absorbed in our clicking sprees and forget the actual focus. Be it a professional or a less experienced amateur photographer, mistakes are inevitable. For any photography enthusiast, clicking the right picture is the […]