For certain exclusive photography genres, the photographer will have to trust and depend on his/her own skills, experience and calibre to get the right results and the best ones at it. Even though the camera’s features can help in getting good results, the composition quality is largely dependent on the photographer’s skill. The vital feature […]

Our busy lives obsessed with work schedules, meeting deadlines, climbing the career ladder etc. has become so engaging that the passion which we have for a craft is lost in the rush. People dream of nurturing their passion by finding time in their busy schedule, but fail to execute them. In this generation people seek […]

There is a magical quality in some pictures where there the natural light complements the subject with a soft and warm quality. This happens especially with pictures shot during sunrise or sunset. The hour just before the sunset or sunrise is called the “Golden Hour”. The lighting during this time span gives an ethereal dream-like […]

Portrait photography is always a tough task when the faces are not famous. Clicking portrait of a celebrity is even more challenging. It is because a portrait captures their personality in the picture and is concerned with their image in the public. Avinash Gowariker is a photographer par excellence and is just the right man […]

Photography as a profession has gained immense popularity over the years. Today, we see many students venturing into this creative field and making it as their mainstream career. When it comes to photography, there’s a lot that goes into making a great picture such as choosing the appropriate shooting angle, the right perspective, choosing the […]

Light makes photography possible. Controlling the camera’s exposure to light and making sure there’s enough light for a decent composition makes a good photograph possible. Amateurs to experts basically depend on the presence of light in various degrees to capture a desired effect or quality for an image. Students of photography training courses take extensive […]

The possibilities of photography in portraying events or memories are well-recognised. A typical photographer, besides his skill for clicking high-quality pictures, is gifted with a vision. This vision enables him to bring out the meaning behind what is seen in the frame. Different factors like lighting, exposure, colour and composition are utilised to suit particular […]

Digital image editing not only makes pictures look refined, but also emotional, meaningful and spectacular! The power of image editing was unleashed by Photoshop in 1988 and has ever since ruled the realm of the discipline of image editing. Adobe Photoshop revolutionised image editing by enabling enthusiasts and professionals to use it in innovative ways. […]

Silhouette photography came to light from and with the shadows to create highly expressive images. With a restricted palette, it amazingly gives incomparably symbolic pictures. It’s the only method of photography that employs colours to do the storytelling. The subject of the shoot is presented as the silhouette and the composition is enriched with the […]

Experience, intuition and creative thinking make a big difference in the visual quality of photographs. There are also certain other factors with mathematical relevance that can create pictures which stand out. As a viewer, you may feel that a photograph is exceptionally intuitive. But, studying photography through photography courses can help you gain insights on […]