Every day, as we travel, we notice lot of advertisements that catch our attention. The ad’s appeal maybe created by the model, jewellery, garment or the background setting. But have you ever wondered who is behind the visuals in such ads? You’ve guessed it right! It’s a fashion photographer. A good photo-shoot or an ad […]

Have you ever tried to feel the difference of clicking a particular subject from two different viewing angles? It does make a notable difference in the meaning, message and mood that each creates. Working smartly with the shooting angles is a requisite skill for any photographer to acquire. Consider clicking a person. In a simple […]

Jean Luc Godard, a French-Swiss film director, screenwriter and film critic once stated, “Photography is truth”. This statement stands true to the fact that a photo is a true reflection of oneself. But there are times when photos require a little touch up or an added effect to enhance its aesthetic value. Photographers often use […]

It’s been almost two centuries since the first photographic image, titled “View from the Window at Le Gras” was created. Evolution of photography into how we know it today has come a long way. The development of photography has been a work in steady progress through the times. Photography training courses had started in as […]

Is photography your hobby? Are you willing to improve it as a profession? If you do, then read on to share our thoughts on why you deserve to learn photography at an institute like Hamstech. Out of the many genres of photography, fashion photography is a highly reputed one. A photography school gives a good […]

There’s a reason to every face. Capture it and you get the most honest frames in portrait photography. The scope of capturing moods and emotions reflected in all the wonderful expressions every subject has to offer makes portrait photography amazingly prolific in its range and possibilities. When it comes to photography in general, it is […]

There’s a lot many say about their views on creativity, style and inspiration. They make the readers ponder and affirm that these gems of quotes are born from great experience and attitude. These quotes lead to many unique perspectives and form basis of a greater appreciation for variety and broader creative thought that makes artistic […]

For centuries people have found one way or the other to sell their creations or wares at the best value they can earn. There have been different strategies used by people to attract others, convince them and pass hands the materials that they meant to barter or sell for money. These transactions are events that […]

This is the era where fingers run faster than feet and news spreads faster than it happens. The smartphone era is happening and is defining lifestyle in numerous new ways encompassing the more empowered and simplified creative pursuits like photography. Camera as a smartphone feature that has improved by leaps and bounds with technology like […]

Photography is a reservoir of art and creativity. It takes a lot of effort for one to explore the subject. Though one keeps trying and experimenting as much as he/she can, a professional guidance will always work in favour of the sincere attempts to master the craft and get the best results out of it. […]