Don’t you love Hyderabad? The magnificent city on the Deccan plateau presents a lot of exclusive natural assets that are great for a photographer to come for. The city and the many elevated areas, greens and water bodies are very much liked by the city-dwellers to go to relax and enjoy. The natural gifts of […]

We all have that photographer in us who is always willing to take that selfie or a group picture. But if one plans to opt for photography as a profession then it is a completely different ball game. It is not as easy as it sounds. The aspirant needs to know all the finer nuances […]

So you have a DSLR camera? And you spend your weekend clicking profile pictures for your best friend’s social media accounts. Does that make you a photographer? The answer depends on whether you always wanted to be one. If you are from Hyderabad and fashion photography courses in Hyderabad, should you head with the same […]

Every landscape photographer captures the true essence of mother nature with a unique perspective. One can find umpteen opportunities to capture spectacular landscape photographs from amazing natural locations. One can get trained at photography training institutes and learn how to create good landscape photos. This blog attempts to give you few tips to capture landscape […]

Photography is one of the best ways to express and tell a story. Telling a story through photographs is an art. There are few key elements that are required in order to create an interesting story. These days, many photography institutes have a list of interesting topics in their curriculum and one is storytelling through […]

The principle of design is present in everything. Without the application of these principles, any piece of art is incomplete. In order to add an interesting touch to your composition, it is important to apply these principles in the right way. There are five principles of design. When and how to apply these principles is […]

A portfolio is a student’s best work put together. Taking a glance at a portfolio can give an idea of what a student has learnt. However, a portfolio is also a learning phase where there’s room for improvement and growth. Every subject requires you to work on a portfolio and photography is no exception. If […]

Who doesn’t like to dance? More so, who doesn’t love to see someone dancing?! For photographers, dance is one of the most amazing themes to shoot pictures. Clicking a dancer takes some real hands-on experience and skill, along with unfailing love for dance itself! Dance photography may not be a specialised field of study in […]

For a beginner, learning a creative subject may seem challenging initially. However, when a student becomes familiar with the common terms or jargons, it becomes very simple. Among the many creative courses offered these days, photography is the most sought after. When pursuing a photography course, students are trained on every aspect of photography including […]

Photography has many genres and underwater photography is one of the most interesting and challenging ones. Taking pictures underwater requires great skill, patience and practice. When it comes to underwater photography, the shoot has to be well-planned so you don’t face any glitches during the shoot. In order to get the perfect shot, along with […]