As technology is advancing with the change in time, people are becoming more equipped with different gadgets. Advanced technology is introduced in every field to help improve efficiency. The same is with photography. The introduction of new cameras and lenses can capture every detail which human eyes cannot capture. With UV, infrared and radio waves, […]

Photography Skills are quite essential if you want to ace in the social media era. Ansel Adams once said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” This quote stands true to the fact that photography is not just a profession you learn, but a passion that’s innate. Photography is indeed an art. If you […]

The word ‘Yuga’ means ‘Era‘ and ‘Aadi’ means ‘the beginning’. Ugadi is one of the most extravagantly celebrated festivals across the majority of Southern India. As Ugadi marks the beginning of spring, every household is seen indulging in the festive spirit. Men, women and children alike, prep themselves to celebrate this harmonious festival with joy […]