Hamstech has been a point of convergence for creative streams of learning including fashion, interior designing, jewellery design and photography. A pioneer of creative education, this institute has a lot of achievements to its credit. Hamstech works with unfailing ambition and unwavering vision. Its vision is to “Realise Possibilities”, which reflects the motive behind providing […]

Fashion designing creates fun days for those free as birds, any day indoors goes for nerds. But nerds are no more written off. The fashion industry today acknowledges “nerd fashion”, which is a recognition for a very understated population. It’s also a matter of discussion in fashion and design courses today. Nerds were earlier considered […]

Fashion tales excites all of us. How many of us love stories? I’m sure we all do. As children, we’ve grown up listening to all kinds of stories told by our parents and grandparents. How about a story from the book of Hamstech? Unlike your childhood stories which were more of fairy tales, stories from […]

In fashion designing, one comes to perform some activities that give the entire process of garment creation its meaning and purpose. For example, to extend a particular pattern across a larger variety of garment designs, one needs to figure out how the very same and specific pattern can be adapted to different sizes and shapes […]

Holiday fashion is a must to ace a stunning look and get some amazing pictures. Spice up your holidays by making your own smartwear from old clothes. Let’s crack the bubbles of wits to find some wonderful tricks for making holiday clothing. Here are a few tips to get you started: Hit the Beach in […]

The invaluable association with Mrs. Neeta Lulla has been a definite source of motivation and education for the Hamstech team for over a decade. She has been giving students the much needed direction to make successful careers in the fashion industry. The strong and fruitful relation is helping keep Hamstech at the top in the […]

Fashion illustration helps you to sketch your creative mind. Presenting a design idea is the basic step in realizing a garment design. The illustrations are the blueprint of a collection’s design that depict how the attire looks and the detailed features too. Making such illustrations is one of the first set of skills that a […]

As once said by anti-apartheid revolutionist Mr. Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This quote stands as a true testimony that clearly defines the strength of education and the role it plays in a student’s life. Many educational institutes have adopted unconventional methods of education […]

Let’s imagine a young matriculate named Rahul dreaming to take his next big leap in life. It is not uncommon of youngsters today to make career decisions so early. So, having decided to get professional, he’d now be looking out for quality education in a professional training institute. He’ll do it for reasons beyond just […]

Teaching and learning has been prevalent parts of an educational system. Education in any form constitutes an essential part of a student’s academic life. For every student, quality education is value for money as this is what equips them to become independent individuals. Hamstech Institute, over the last two decades has played a major role […]