Ethnic wear in India are garments that are originally created from age old Indian culture and traditions. They are primarily influenced by colour, heritage and region. If ethnic wear interests you, pursue a diploma in fashion designing. This course is furnished with subjects that talks about different types of ethnic wear and also teaches you […]

What does your style statement say about you? Do your fashion accessories help you to be  original or stay trendy? Has your fashion concept and practice been strikingly different? Fashion often walks a line between conformity and creativity, making its way to mainstream acceptance or categorised exclusivity. But when people can’t hold back their urge […]

Gardening has been a long standing influence on fashion. Finding its roots in the 1720s, this trend has paired itself seamlessly with how we dress up. From the Vivianne Westwood’s Gold label collection S/S 2016 to Alexander McQueen’s A/W 2012 collection, haute couture and horticulture go hand in hand. The magic relation between the two […]

The methods of visual merchandising have always been interesting and evolving. They prove that creative ideation and psychological conditioning has always been at the base of a successful strategy for harnessing a strong customer base. Visual merchandising is a pretty straightforward approach that invests highly in the obvious elements of influence; the senses. The psyche […]

When it is time to advance from your latest academic achievements, you can either take a beaten path of “prestigious” courses or can listen to your true calling. Best career decisions come from proper introspection and planning. June is the month for you to act on your career decisions. Hamstech Institute can introduce you to […]

What’s the next big thing in fashion? A very obvious question every fashion designer would want to know. For a matter-of-fact, there’s always something new and upcoming in fashion like a new silhouette, colour prediction for the season, a new pattern or style or even a new fabric. Talking about fashion these days, there are […]

Danielle & Chantelle Dwomah-Piper said, “Don’t let dreams just be a dream. With God, hard work and determination it can become a reality”. I truly believe in this inspirational quote. Not just for what it conveys but also the motivation it offers me when possibilities seem few and doubt takes over. As a child, I […]