A fashion stylist needs to learn to meet his/her professional challenges and be capable to overcome these circumstances. Many institutes provide enhanced Fashion Styling courses these days. In these colleges, the experts help you identify the challenges and give you the skills to deal with them. After a successful Fashion Styling training, your skills will […]

Fashion styling is one of the most happening professions in the fashion industry. The main job of a professional fashion stylist includes coordination of the outfits from an array of clothing and accessories. A fashion stylist coordinates with other professionals like art directors, photographers, and clients. Their work may also include dressing the mannequins for […]

There are two ways people deal with fashion: go with the habit or go with the trend. Then there are those who observe themselves, learn and go with what suits them best. They don’t wear attires and accessories just to look good, but also because they don’t shy away from creating a signature style for […]