Here’s the point: if you want to feel India, dress like an Indian. Dressing up is a major part of Indian culture and it reflects the provincial, communal and categorical peculiarities of the population. That’s why, it’s best to learn how to dress in India. As you must be aware, the uniqueness of India comes […]

Times change and the changing fashion trends are often traced to the years that host them. Here’s a new year again that has begun with its own trends that every fashion enthusiast is eager to learn about. With spring arriving soon, the stage is set for a seasonal spectacle of style that hints at how […]

Wedding bells remind everybody of cheer, camaraderie, new beginnings, and fashion! It’s more so when it’s a celebrity wedding, in which costumes at every stage of the wedding event are designed by the best creative professional minds out there. The hype around celebrity weddings makes waves easily in the media. So will the names of […]

Hamstech Fashion Show 2017 was a gala that featured inimitable talent and designs of Hamstech’s fashion design students. They made yet another promising display of vision and skills that were sure to take them far in their careers in the fashion industry. Every collection that was awarded in the show had an edge of perfection […]

Every changing season signals the time to revamp the wardrobe. Embracing new colours, styles, patterns and jewellery is something to look forward to this season. Refresh your wardrobe by investing in what’s suitable and works best for you. A fashion trend is like a cycle that comes and goes with a few add-ons and outdated […]

These days more and more people are buying garments from an array of online textile stores out there. The culture of netizens is spreading fast and wide! In the changing scenario, common behaviours like shopping are getting new scope and manners. Let’s particularly look at online shopping. It’s so established today that the confidence of […]

Like a dream come true, Rachna Kimtee found a big leap in her fashion design journey when she bagged the opportunity to showcase her collections in the India Fashion Week that took place on November 12, 2017 in London. Rachna is a talented and enterprising fashion student from Hamstech, with fashion designing ideas that gained […]

It is a dream come true for an ambitious fashion designer to get a chance to participate in the internationally renowned Lakme Fashion Week. Lakme Fashion Week is a platform for successful designers to showcase their new collections, upcoming designers to establish their identity and budding designers to create a name for themselves. The grand […]

Gone are the days of boring mannequins displays in shop windows. Today, with the growing competition, many retailers have come up with innovative window displays ideas such as the use of neon lights, flashy colours, 3D installations, etc. The idea behind visual merchandising is to create visually appealing displays that lure customers to the store, […]

For garment manufacturers and fashion brands, riding the wave of a fashion life cycle time and again is an essential exercise. Creating trends, maintaining it and profiting from them is all a cyclic activity that keeps the fashion designers and marketers on their toes. The cyclic phenomenon of the rise and fall of a fashion […]