What exactly do you understand by the term ‘dyeing and printing’? When you look around, every fabric is either dyed or printed. Be it the clothes you wear on a daily basis or the upholstery at home, everything has a splash of colour and print on it. Dyeing and printing is known to be an […]

Fashion design books are a great source to grasp knowledge about the fashion industry. If you have enrolled at a fashion designing institute and you are a fashion designing student, then reading books on fashion that help you understand the history, trends, techniques, ideologies and experiences of people from the industry is essential. In addition […]

Call them Indian curry done in a hurry or a fiery potpourri; some movies have been in the spotlight for the right reasons from a fashion perspective. They may have missed a sensible story or narrative. But the movies we are mentioning below will reveal how fashion designing became a saving grace for them. Evidently […]