Generally, fashion is about presenting your physical looks in a modern way, whereasIndian fashion is about presenting tradition in a modern way where fashion designers concentrate on intricate designs and attention to detail. Making Indian fashion globally popular is only possible with fashion designers and the full credit goes to Indian fashion designers. Here is […]

Are you wondering about the Fashion Designer Salary in India? These days most of the younger graduates are interested in pursuing their careers in fashion designing. And also they are eager to know the job description and salary of a fashion designer. That is why today our topic is fashion designer salaries in India. Keep […]

Fashion is quite fascinating, while most will agree with this, some may disagree. It does take an aesthetic eye to spot different & upcoming trends in the fashion industry. One easy way to do this is window shopping! We see so many people just lazing about at the mall or just walking around checking out […]

The popular opinion is that Fashion is expensive! Well it shouldn’t have to be. Whenever we hear designer wear, we immediately check the price before trying the dress. That’s appalling! The whole reason behind shopping from designer boutiques and brands is because they create designs that we would love to have and can’t make on […]

The fashion design industry is a complete world in itself. A fashion designer not only works in designing and illustration but also works in various other fields in the industry. They not only create new designs and trends in the market but also work as fashion journalists, visual display experts, design consultants and so much […]

Call them Indian curry done in a hurry or a fiery potpourri; some movies have been in the spotlight for the right reasons from a fashion perspective. They may have missed a sensible story or narrative. But the movies we are mentioning below will reveal how fashion designing became a saving grace for them. Evidently […]