What if I told you that despite the glamour associated with fashion designing, the profession has many hardships? Would your dreams of becoming a designer be shattered? Don’t worry. Hardships are common in almost all professions, even for an ATM guard whose only job is to spend the entire day sitting and staring at incoming […]

Have you ever come across any product, which you had no idea about but you purchased it anyway simply because it was beautiful? If you have; congratulations on being a human! Why is that? Human decisions are driven mostly by the appearance of objects. Why do you think someone would pay a thousand bucks for […]

Fashion designers are responsible for conceptualising new designs and combining some of the finest accessories in the world. The core skill needed for fashion designing is creativity. A proficient fashion designer spends most of his/her time in identifying trends and predicting styles that would matter in the upcoming season. Fashion designing industry is huge with […]

There’s a deep connection between fashion and art. Today, art is no more confined to just walls and canvases. Paintings are now featured on garments and accessories as well. From portraits to landscapes, every type of painting is made a part of the garment’s design. Some of the most common garments such as skirts, tops, […]

Summers have set in and so has the fashion for the season. The Indian summer fashion brings with it an interesting colour palette teamed with traditional embroidered motifs and patterns. Considering the extreme summers of India, most people think of dressing in simple clothing. However, you can break-away from the stereotype and create your very […]

We understand fashion is a craze for many. But appropriateness is not a new concept and works great in different occasions of life. Fashion fails need not be always the result of ignorance. The vices of overconfidence, desperation, bad advice, imitation and compromise makes many a wardrobe just a pile of evidence of an identity […]

Fashion shows are part of the learning experience of a student who has chosen a career in fashion design. This practical exposure helps students develop their individual skills, creativity and knowledge of the subject. Being a vast subject, fashion design has so much to learn. A lot comes with experience and exposure. Right from understanding […]

Hamstech Fashion Show 2017, the annual fashion show organised by Hamstech, became the stage to showcase some very interesting collections. Denimkari was one such collection, that presented a unique fusion of two textile lineages that are worlds apart: denim and Kalamkari.     The collection “Denimkari” introduced a quirky combination of denim and Kalamkari that […]

In corporate circles, the dress code for office routines, meetings, events and presentations are either prescribed or a particular mode of dressing is appreciated. These formal wears are in fact adapting to new variety and fresh combinations. But the bottom line is that while office wear can be sharp and impactful, it is definitely contributive […]

You either sell garments or sell fashion. So if you are working with the ambition to do business in fashion, you must be aware that selling ideas in garments is a uniquely creative job unlike vending outfits in a textile shop. And since the aim is to sell, fashion entrepreneurship is a merger of smart […]