Handmade jewellery have gained popularity in recent times. Be it for pre wedding functions or any Indian festival, Indian women are loving them. Many women love to make these too and hence there is an increase in demand of Jewellery Designing Courses. People are utilising these skills to earn money and to promote their pieces […]

How do you find the best jewellery that matches your style? Have you thought of matching your jewellery with your garment’s neckline? In Jewellery Designing, there are many ways to match jewellery to a person’s style. One of them is matching them with the garment’s neckline. It takes observation and consultation, just like what students […]

A personal jeweller will help you have realistic goals so that you get value for money. In a Jewellery Design school, they teach you how to ensure that your jeweller is a qualified and trustworthy one.

That’s why, often, students who enrol in a Jewellery Designing Course, are taught by their instructors to get their foundation right first, so that they can go on to make innovative pieces.

Jewellery designing, manufacturing and trading have been an integral part of the human survival for thousands of years. India is world renowned for its jewellery and designing since ancient times. Jewellery designing is a creative art that requires combining knowledge of conceptualising jewellery design and trading various jewellery products. There are many institutes that offer […]

As a business, jewellery retail is a field of glittering opportunities but with equally great challenges to get the trust and clientele right. It is one thing to learn the craft of designing and making jewellery. But to make it a business takes understanding its unique properties and the nature of its clients.   The […]

Affection for jewellery and the desire to innovate new designs in jewellery can take you way ahead in the charismatic field of jewellery designing. From a very traditional and closed art, jewellery designing has come out to be a greatly organized professional stream. As the trend of fashion jewellery has become the norm today, more […]

Do jewellery designs of brands like Caratlane, Tanishq, TBZ, etc. keep you mesmerized with their amazing designs? Do you too want to master the art of making such spectacular ornaments and create your brand in the Indian jewellery industry? If yes, here’s Hamstech’s jewellery designing courses in Hyderabad that give you education inspired by top […]

2018 has seen more entrepreneurs coming into the fashion industry than what was witnessed in the previous decade altogether. The rise in the number of fashion entrepreneurs suggests the prevalence of a trend. But, isn’t the life of an entrepreneur is supposed to be filled with sleepless nights and multiple rejections after wandering from door […]

If you are reading this article, chances are high that you are aware of the increasing popularity of jewellery designing education in India. The modern youth has been so much interested in this particularly exciting activity, that has aided the introduction of numerous jewellery designing institutes in India. Of course, the independent jewellery designing industry […]