We all love the feeling of exquisite furnishing, well-adorned walls and luxe feel of satin and textiles. The interior magazines are to blame. They spark the desire to replicate impressive interiors and provide endless ideas and inspirations. Designing interiors for the first time or revamping them with custom furniture is a great idea. Interior design […]

There’s a space in the domain of lifestyle that has people conflicted about materialism. The scenario apparently brings up the excess that is filling homes with stuff and heads going “Enough!”. In such dire times, minimalism comes to save the day, preaching the salvation in getting junk outside while keeping essentials inside. And it works […]

If we classify the broad subject of interior design into two, the result would be residential interior designing and commercial interior designing. This classification is based on the application of design theories and practices to create spaces either planned as a residence or a business. Learning more about commercial interior designing makes one proficient in […]

Interior designing course helps us to understand modern and contemporary skills. How often do we use the word ‘Modern’ and ‘Contemporary’ to describe a form of style, never really knowing its true meaning? MODERN VS CONTEMPORARY The terms ‘Modern’ and ‘Contemporary’ are quite often misinterpreted to be the same. But in fact, the literal meaning […]

The interior designing course is a fascinating career, especially for those people who love transforming raw spaces into beautiful rooms. When choosing a creative profession, the first thing that most people think of is Interior Design. There is no doubt that this stream is the most preferred profession by students. You could be great at […]