Have you been amazed by the designs made by top jewellery designers like Farah Khan, Suhani Pittie and Nirav Modi? Do you have such a design in mind? Is it your burning desire to perfect your designs and create an exquisite piece of jewellery out of it? If your answer to all the above questions […]

Jewellery design and accessories have the power to transform even the drabbest outfit! It can be used to enliven forgotten articles of clothing and making them as good as new again. Over a period of time, a certain corner of the wardrobe eventually becomes a dumping yard for clothes that either don’t fit or are […]

Be it any profession, basic hand tools are essential to practice in any trade. For decades, artisans and craftsmen have been using tools and equipments of different shapes and sizes to craft objects. The importance of learning to use the right tool for the right purpose is what one essentially imbibes from a professional course. […]

Hamstech institute is known as the pioneer of creative education. “Creative education” is not entirely a modern innovation. Even “Gurukul” had the tradition of imparting education in innovative ways. Practice-oriented education was largely at the core of it all. Above all, “Creative education” is a concept that grooms a student based on his/her comprehension and […]

Have you ever thought of entwining few colourful strings and turning a simple concept into a stunning bracelet that could complement any one of your outfits? Or have you accrued some waste material to make rings, earrings or a brooch? How about some worthless metal wires that you twisted into a necklace? Just in case […]

India is an artistically and aesthetically rich country. And Indian culture and traditions, as we know never falls short of relevance for jewellery. Here, there’s a strong career current that drives many talented people to choose a creative field as a profession. The jewellery design course industry is one such field that is always in […]