Gemology is a very interesting subject and forms an integral part of jewellery designing. It is an in-depth study of the origin and evolution of gemstones. The beauty, glitter and rarity of gems has made this subject worth the study of mankind. Firstly, Studying gemstones can interest many people but, gemology being a vast subject […]

I have enough jewellery. -Said no one ever! Are you that someone too? Be it a festive event or a casual day at work, jewellery has always been instrumental in putting a simple look together. A costume or an outfit looks incomplete or just about basic without the right accessories. Jewellery has played a significant […]

Have you been amazed by the designs made by top jewellery designers like Farah Khan, Suhani Pittie and Nirav Modi? Do you have such a design in mind? Is it your burning desire to perfect your designs and create an exquisite piece of jewellery out of it? If your answer to all the above questions […]