Do you believe that diamonds are indestructible? Do you think that biting into gold tells you if it’s real?  Most of you have our own theories, some of them being common myths. Some don’t matter much, but many others are critically dated to be disbelieved.  So are you ready to break the myths clouding the […]

The love for beauty has prompted people to try many unconventional articles. This is very true when it comes to costume jewellery which has made a space for itself, becoming the alternate fashion accessory. The history of custom jewellery per se goes back to 1920 when the word “costume jewellery” was first coined. At a […]

I have enough jewellery. -Said no one ever! Are you that someone too? Be it a festive event or a casual day at work, jewellery has always been instrumental in putting a simple look together. A costume or an outfit looks incomplete or just about basic without the right accessories. Jewellery has played a significant […]