I have enough jewellery. -Said no one ever! Are you that someone too? Be it a festive event or a casual day at work, jewellery has always been instrumental in putting a simple look together. A costume or an outfit looks incomplete or just about basic without the right accessories. Jewellery has played a significant […]

Have you been amazed by the designs made by top jewellery designers like Farah Khan, Suhani Pittie and Nirav Modi? Do you have such a design in mind? Is it your burning desire to perfect your designs and create an exquisite piece of jewellery out of it? If your answer to all the above questions […]

Jewellery design and accessories have the power to transform even the drabbest outfit! It can be used to enliven forgotten articles of clothing and making them as good as new again. Over a period of time, a certain corner of the wardrobe eventually becomes a dumping yard for clothes that either don’t fit or are […]

Be it any profession, basic hand tools are essential to practice in any trade. For decades, artisans and craftsmen have been using tools and equipments of different shapes and sizes to craft objects. The importance of learning to use the right tool for the right purpose is what one essentially imbibes from a professional course. […]

Jewellery making is a beautiful art. Every piece of jewellery is carefully designed and crafted to get that perfect finish. This is best done by well-trained artisans and craftsmen who actually sit through the entire process of jewellery making. Other than gems and stones, jewellery designing greatly involves working with precious metals like gold, silver, […]

Jewellery Designing is a testament to patience, precision and craftsmanship as it requires painstaking perfection as well as time to design even a tiny piece of ornament. With the growing advancement in technology, the roles and responsibilities of a jewellery designer have changed. Today, every jewellery designer wants to carve a niche in the market […]