Jewellery has been a part of woman’s life since a very young age. From the first pair of gold ear rings to could the latest addition to your jewellery box, the vast variety of products in the market to choose from, I don’t think we’ll ever stop looking out for new and interesting designer jewels […]

With inspirations all around us, it’s important to be open-minded and see the beauty around us to help fuel our creative designs. Nature has always been a popular source of inspiration followed by students at Hamstech Institute. From designing garments to making matching jewellery, to setting the theme of your house or photographing moments, nature […]

  Period movies and some dance sequences in Bollywood remind us of two major attractions; costumes and jewellery. Especially with period movies, the elaborate efforts made to reincarnate the visual glory of age old historical characters reflects in the sets, costumes, jewellery and even the language. Obviously, Bollywood is a money churner for allied industries […]

Custom jewellery has more enthusiasts today than ever. Modern jewellery trends have replaced traditional jewellery varieties with more creative and expressive jewellery. Today jewellery is a way of showing allegiance, attitude and fashion besides being an expression of beauty and style. Customised jewellery is about crafting an idea you have into a piece of jewellery. […]