Custom jewellery has more enthusiasts today than ever. Modern jewellery trends have replaced traditional jewellery varieties with more creative and expressive jewellery. Today jewellery is a way of showing allegiance, attitude and fashion besides being an expression of beauty and style. Customised jewellery is about crafting an idea you have into a piece of jewellery. […]

Gemology is a very interesting subject and forms an integral part of jewellery designing. It is an in-depth study of the origin and evolution of gemstones. The beauty, glitter and rarity of gems has made this subject worth the study of mankind. Firstly, Studying gemstones can interest many people but, gemology being a vast subject […]

The love for beauty has prompted people to try many unconventional articles. This is very true when it comes to costume jewellery which has made a space for itself, becoming the alternate fashion accessory. The history of custom jewellery per se goes back to 1920 when the word “costume jewellery” was first coined. At a […]

Jewellery can be broadly categorised into many types. Each piece of jewellery is unique in terms of its style, cut, and value. People often buy jewellery based on their status, requirement and use. For example, gold and diamond jewellery are specifically used for weddings and other occasions because of their value. This kind of jewellery […]

As a kid, have you ever been asked to come up and tell a story? Even today, many schools have an exclusive competition on storytelling. This activity encourages students to build excellent communication skills and develops their ability to think. But, above all, they inspire, amuse and entertain one and all! Here, at Hamstech, we […]

It would be utterly impossible to lose sight of a fine piece of jewellery, especially when made with coins! Talking about inspiration, even a coin has the potential to sync perfectly into stunning jewellery. Of late, coin jewellery has come into being a common trend. The use of coins within this jewellery establishes the the […]