In jewellery, though precious metals steal the show often, there’s a steady growth in demand and trend of precious stones. The new generation has developed a special liking for the stones that are not going to dissipate any soon. This is in the light of the new trend of fashion jewellery that uses semi-precious stones, […]

Jewellery is one of the major attractions in India, especially for women. There is a wide variety of jewellery that is enviable, unique and has incomparable artistry. India is home to a multitude of world-famous jewellery types and designs. It is amazing how the history of gold ornaments of the country dates back to centuries. […]

Pearl jewellery is one of the most popular forms of jewellery. A very common doubt that people have is how to tell the difference between natural pearls and synthetic pearls. This blog briefs the easy ways to visually recognise the difference between these two types.     How to spot fake pearls by simply looking […]

Affection for jewellery and the desire to innovate new designs in jewellery can take you way ahead in the charismatic field of jewellery designing. From a very traditional and closed art, jewellery designing has come out to be a greatly organized professional stream. As the trend of fashion jewellery has become the norm today, more […]

Do jewellery designs of brands like Caratlane, Tanishq, TBZ, etc. keep you mesmerized with their amazing designs? Do you too want to master the art of making such spectacular ornaments and create your brand in the Indian jewellery industry? If yes, here’s Hamstech’s jewellery designing courses in Hyderabad that give you education inspired by top […]

If you are reading this article, chances are high that you are aware of the increasing popularity of jewellery designing education in India. The modern youth has been so much interested in this particularly exciting activity, that has aided the introduction of numerous jewellery designing institutes in India. Of course, the independent jewellery designing industry […]

Making jewellery for your personal use is not merely about having fun. Of course it is an addictive hobby, but if done seriously, it offers a lucrative career option. However, not many people know how to get started. Attending jewelry design classes at a reputed jewelry design institute, like Hamstech can be the perfect start […]

  So there’s a ‘new age’ discussion that crops up every time it comes to talking fashion and style. It could be someone’s attempt to do a makeover or another’s concerted effort to be with the latest trend in town! Jewellery design is also an area that gets its due share of trends that forms […]

Jewellery designing is a profession that is more about creativity. A professional jewellery designer should be a skilled artisan and have knowledge of precious stones and metals. The industry of jewellery designing and gems has brought innumerable employment opportunities in serving various purposes like making items for personal adornment, status symbols etc. There has been […]

Floral jewellery is beautiful, delicate and very elegant. In the ancient times, women would adorn themselves with different types of floral jewellery. Earrings, maangtika, necklace, bracelet, anklet, etc. are some of the common floral jewellery worn by women on various occasions. Even in the modern times, floral jewellery is preferred for occasions such as mehendi, […]