No matter what industry you work in, it is important to maintain a strong relationship with your clients. It is crucial for your success as well as theirs. You might be wondering what this has got to do with fashion designing. Well, your skills will be a determining factor when you set up your own […]

Gone are the days when fashion was limited to only clothes. These days fashion also includes accessories for men and women. The right accessory can transform your entire appearance. As people’s spending capability increases with time, an increase in interest for accessories has been noticed. In previous times, accessories used to be most popular among […]

In the recent days, the Forbes India, in association with the Skill Tree Knowledge Consortium and Great Place to Study surveyed institutes and colleges which are ideal for Indian students in 2018-2019. Institutes were selected for the Great Indian Institute 2018-2019 category and those who met all parameters of the survey were featured in the […]

Your age, lifestyle or profession never restricts you from testing some accessories. Unlike the majority of the population, if you have ever thought of attending accessory designing classes in Hyderabad, your personality is unique. Hence, your style statement must also differ from other average gentlemen. It’s time to shift your thinking beyond dressing for style. […]

If you are a working woman, chances are high that you find yourself very busy on weekdays. Being busy does not have to restrict you from trying personal style. Even when your job demands the most of your energy, an initiative to stay fashionable goes a long way in providing you the mental peace you […]

If you are passionate about fashion industry, then a degree qualification in leather goods and accessory design could be your big ticket to a promising career. Accessory design is today one of the most happening careers. Until a few years ago, accessory designers were there by way of experience rather than a formal training. But […]