Holiday fashion is a must to ace a stunning look and get some amazing pictures. Spice up your holidays by making your own smartwear from old clothes. Let’s crack the bubbles of wits to find some wonderful tricks for making holiday clothing. Here are a few tips to get you started: Hit the Beach in […]

The invaluable association with Mrs. Neeta Lulla has been a definite source of motivation and education for the Hamstech team for over a decade. She has been giving students the much needed direction to make successful careers in the fashion industry. The strong and fruitful relation is helping keep Hamstech at the top in the […]

Fashion illustration helps you to sketch your creative mind. Presenting a design idea is the basic step in realizing a garment design. The illustrations are the blueprint of a collection’s design that depict how the attire looks and the detailed features too. Making such illustrations is one of the first set of skills that a […]

Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi Mukerji, Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, the list is endless. All these are some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Have you ever wondered what is so remarkable about their work? Designer Ritu Kumar is well-known for contemporary silhouettes and block printing while designer Neeta Lulla and Sabyasachi are known for […]

It’s fair to expect a good kit of tools in a fashion design classes where a subject like designing is taught. The books, along with the toolkit shall meet the practical requirements of the course too. An ideal garment construction class should surely have enough tools for everyone in the batch. The students of fashion […]

Fashion design books are a great source to grasp knowledge about the fashion industry. If you have enrolled at a fashion designing institute and you are a fashion designing student, then reading books on fashion that help you understand the history, trends, techniques, ideologies and experiences of people from the industry is essential. In addition […]

Fashion designing courses are great means to learn an in-demand skill. Once again, it’s time men revised how to be fashionable at work. When a man cares to wear more than his smile to impress, he’ll care for style. And style is a basic quality fashion brings forth. Ideally, in fashion designing courses, there would […]

Fashion is a huge industry. Fashion touches the psyche of everyone in the society. It’s an enchanting industry, nevertheless with its own glaring issues. The biggest problems of fashion and fashion designing industry relates to people. It’s about those who put herculean efforts in an ultra-creative industry. It’s also about those who believe in fashion […]

What’s the next big thing in fashion? A very obvious question every fashion designer would want to know. For a matter-of-fact, there’s always something new and upcoming in fashion like a new silhouette, colour prediction for the season, a new pattern or style or even a new fabric. Talking about fashion these days, there are […]

Danielle & Chantelle Dwomah-Piper said, “Don’t let dreams just be a dream. With God, hard work and determination it can become a reality”. I truly believe in this inspirational quote. Not just for what it conveys but also the motivation it offers me when possibilities seem few and doubt takes over. As a child, I […]