Jewellery Designer Salary! How to become a jewellery designer? And what is the jewellery designer salary in India? If these are the thoughts running around you, then get them clear soon. You can learn about them, just by going through the blog! If you are interested in making jewellery and styling them, then pull a […]

Wedding Jewellery Design! Planning to buy an engagement ring? In the latest bridal jewellery designs buying engagement rings is quite not simple, you will need to consider various factors on choosing them. This is where you will require some tips and for this, you are on the right page. Just follow the blog! If you […]

Do you know how to put your designing skills into making south Indian jewellery designs? As a jewellery designer, one needs to have a very high level of creative ability. A jewellery designer must have the opportunity to create beautiful, wearable art pieces that look appealing. It can be a south Indian gold jewellery design, […]

Jewellery CAD- Design software that is widely used to design and create jewellery. These days, it is a very important skill to have. We will plan beautiful jewellery to make our looks more gorgeous. So, some of these designs undergo some process with 3D software like jewellery CAD design. To know more about it, let’s […]

South Indian Gold Jewellery! When it comes to women, especially for occasions, jewellery is the first thing that they think about. After coming back from the occasions we remove and just throw them on the table, but this is not the correct thing which might result in breakage or damage. That’s why, our topic today […]

Crystal beads jewellery designs! Crystal beads necklace designs! Women try different fashionable jewellery pieces like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and bangles to magnify their style and overall looks. So, today here you will be learning some tips for making crystal beads jewellery designs, the latest beads jewellery, crystal beads jewellery necklace designs and more. Don’t […]

Puzzled about what’s latest & trending in designer jewellery? There is nothing more special than designer jewellery. Remember that just dresses and footwear don’t define you. You need to turn on your style of game. Thus, it’s to pick your personal jewellery and style. Don’t worry! Today our topic is trendy crystal jewellery for teens. […]

The Handmade Jewellery business is a hot topic today. From ancient times, jewellery has been transformed into different categories and designs. But it is not just limited to craftsmen, today, one can easily make such jewellery at home. Also, start a business right from your residence. Learn jewellery designing skills and design pretty interesting jewellery. […]

Now, the convenience and access to the pleasure of gaining knowledge is available to everybody through an easy mobile application! Mobile devices are commonly  used today as a platform for doing skilful and learning activities. Just as a stack of communication and data management apps are created for a professional environment; similarly, Hamstech App is […]

Choosing the perfect necklace jewellery designs that complement the necklines of your outfits is a tricky thing. Am I right? Are you also on the same page? To overcome this, you will just need some guidelines to make out what works best for your style. If you are having a pretty necklace that is resting […]