Many women and girls are excited about various spackling jewellery pieces to style their look. If I’m not wrong, this case is obvious in earrings. There are uncountable earring styles of available for girls. But, how about styling them with your outfit and short hair? If you are confused. then checkout our top tips for […]

What are the different wedding gold necklace designs? What are they called and how to style those jewellery designs? When it comes to weddings, especially Indian weddings, all these questions arise and leave one confused. Agree? Indian weddings are full of joy and beautiful with colourful outfits and dazzling jewellery pieces. Indians are fond of […]

Temple Jewellery is the most trending traditional jewellery in South India for any occasion for example, weddings, parties, festivals, etc. From simple to grand looks, you can surely go with this temple jewellery. Especially for an outstanding traditional look, temple jewellery is the best. Go for designs that complement your outfits.  You can also know […]

Every woman’s favourite accessory is Jewellery and it has been inspiring mankind for centuries. They wear different kinds of jewellery for different occasions. Over the years, there were so many designs and trends that were loved.  You can rule this field with your creative designing skills with a Jewellery Designing Course. To be successful in […]

Jewellery is the girl’s best friend. Jewellery will tell a story about you and girls like to give fashion statements about what they are wearing. Beauty is all about who you are but Jewellery is simply the icing on the cake. They help you to look prettier. There are various types of jewellery in existence […]

Jewellery are decorative pieces, which complement your attire and look. Sometimes, your dress might be simple and not so attractive, but putting on jewellery upon your outfit can turn your dull outfit into beautiful and elegant looks. Jewellery consists of various decorative items, like – rings, bangles, necklace, chains, earrings, bracelets and much more. They […]

Selecting jewellery Designs for festive occasions is challenging. Festival is an excellent opportunity to dress up for all those gorgeous looks. This is the time we Indians would like to adapt that traditional and ethnic look. As the festivals are ahead, this is the perfect time we all look for trendy jewellery to spark on […]

Who doesn’t like having the best trendy Jewellery Designs and showing them off. But 2020 wasn’t a year many of us would want to remember and with the New Year, we look forward with aspirations, positivity and hope to step out of our homes. While the only resolution for 2021 should be to get normalcy […]

Jewellery is one of the best accompaniments to any outfit. The field of jewellery designing is full of new opportunities now. With celebrities and popular public figures promoting a variety of jewellery brands, the jewellery design industry is in focus. There are many different new jewellery designs that are coming to light everyday. Many skilled […]

The popularity and demand for jewellery designing has increased a lot in the past few years. With jewellery being a really important part of an ensemble or outfit, different varieties of jewellery are being sported by celebrities and fashionistas alike. Every different type of jewellery has got its own unique charm. All kinds of jewellery […]