That’s why, often, students who enrol in a Jewellery Designing Course, are taught by their instructors to get their foundation right first, so that they can go on to make innovative pieces.

Jewellery has the power to transform even the pale outfit. A proper jewellery usage can make the forgotten attires look as good as new again. When you see a piece of jewellery, have you ever thought of changing the colourful strings and turning a simple concept into a stunning necklace that could exactly match with […]

Do jewellery designs of brands like Caratlane, Tanishq, TBZ, etc. keep you mesmerized with their amazing designs? Do you too want to master the art of making such spectacular ornaments and create your brand in the Indian jewellery industry? If yes, here’s Hamstech’s jewellery designing courses in Hyderabad that give you education inspired by top […]

Are you a jewellery enthusiast, or aspiring to be a jewellery designer? Whenever you reach out to the store, you confront many terminologies used in jewellery scene. These words might have intrigued you! Now you don’t need to have to be concerned with that any more. Jewellery designing education in India is growing. It’s easy […]

  So there’s a ‘new age’ discussion that crops up every time it comes to talking fashion and style. It could be someone’s attempt to do a makeover or another’s concerted effort to be with the latest trend in town! Jewellery design is also an area that gets its due share of trends that forms […]

Jewellery designing is a profession that is more about creativity. A professional jewellery designer should be a skilled artisan and have knowledge of precious stones and metals. The industry of jewellery designing and gems has brought innumerable employment opportunities in serving various purposes like making items for personal adornment, status symbols etc. There has been […]

Hamstech’s efforts to provide quality education to build a talented generation of creative professionals has been on for over 26 years. In this period, it has earned great reputation and many deserving accolades. The latest, albeit a very distinguished achievement has come this year to the institution: the India Education Award 2018 for the Best […]

Right from the earlier times of human civilization, hair accessories have been in existence. Irrespective of the rank, caste and culture, men and women adorned themselves with different types of hair accessories. The only one thing that distinguished the rich from the poor was the materials used to make them, including precious stones, gems and […]

Nature is bountiful! We all take inspiration from nature to create something of our own. Be it any form of art, in some way or the other nature is reflected in it. The best example of this is jewellery. We have a very close relation with jewellery which dates back thousands of years. Jewellery back […]

Piercing the ear is one of the oldest forms of body beautification. The earring is a piece of ornament adorned by both men and women alike. It has been in use right from the times of the Minoan Civilization (2000-1600 BCE). From simple bone studs to fancy hooped rings, earrings have evolved a lot! Kings, […]