BA in fashion designing is an undergraduate programme curated into semesters that concentrate on subjecting knowledge on designing clothes, fashion accessories, etc., as per the latest styles and trends in the fashion world. To gain a Bachelor’s Degree In Fashion Designing, you’ll need to know much more before stepping in. If this is pulling you […]

Learn Fashion Designing! Fashion designers are meant to create stunning styles for diverse consumers, from swimwear to runway looks. However, fashion professions demand more than just a detailed eye with creative skills. But how do they start their careers? Like other design careers, it often put in lengthy hours before giving way into the industry. […]

Are you a fashion enthusiast and want to make a career out of it? Then there is an utmost thing you will need to be aware of while choosing your path in fashion. It’s always better to be aware of things prior. If you are looking at this, then if I’m not wrong, you are […]

Indian fashion industry! In the world of fashion, these are numerous things happening at the moment. But there is nothing to be scared of. No matter the season is, there will be various trends taking birth and ruling the industry. Read on if you were curious and considering a move into fashion industry in our […]

A Fashion Designer produces various clothing creations, along with fashion accessories, to match current trending styles. Their primary duties include managing the design process from start to finish. The entire process includes making edits to current clothing and accessories and selecting fabrics and trims for upcoming designs. Here you will get to know in detail […]

New Style Jackets for Men! Jackets can never run out of style! What’s the best thing? The first best thing is to dress your heart out every day. You can use them on various occasions, from casual to formal. Fashion is all about discovering the art of layering and men love their jackets and will […]

Famous Fashion Designers In India! Fashion designers fill a completely unique role in our society. Their expertise and imagination affect how people appear, the cultural and the social environment. They undergo discover fashion trends, sketch patterns, decide on materials and collaborate on all components of the producing in their designs. They assist in creating millions […]

History of Fashion! Who doesn’t know the term fashion, these days? To say it straightforwardly, everything is revolving around it. Agree? And when it comes to fashion design, the craze for it doesn’t need any introduction! As fashion is everywhere, it is promising to make a career in it. To mark your name as professional, […]

Garment Making Course! The fashion and garment industry has emerged become a crucial part of the modern lifestyle. That’s where we can see numerous boutiques blinking on every corner to provide a unique assortment of clothes. With such rapid evolutions, this sector is all ready for massive growth in the coming years. As fashion is […]

Fashion Careers! Pursuing a career in the fashion industry can be exciting and if you’re researching on fashion career options, at first, it might be helpful to understand the qualifications and requirements of various positions. Here in this article, we’ll discuss some common fashion careers covering all three main sectors of the fashion industry – […]