In a spectacular advancement of its stature as a distinguished fashion design education institute, Hamstech has earned the prestigious official membership in FDCI, the apex body of fashion design in India. Hamstech entered into the field of fashion education in 1992, at a point of time when there was a wide scope for nurturing new […]

Many of us are often in a dilemma that what kind of jewellery would suit a wedding, party or casual outfit. Considering the wide choice in jewellery, we mostly end up selecting the wrong types which eventually ruins the total look. In order to avoid such blunders, jewellery design education is important so that you […]

Among many creative careers existing today, jewellery designing is a very prominent one. Starting from the smallest, simplest piece of jewellery to the most complex one, the process requires the skill, precision and craftsmanship of the people involved. Right from a jewellery illustrator to the final retailer, every person plays a significant role in the […]

Piercing the ear is one of the oldest forms of body beautification. The earring is a piece of ornament adorned by both men and women alike. It has been in use right from the times of the Minoan Civilization (2000-1600 BCE). From simple bone studs to fancy hooped rings, earrings have evolved a lot! Kings, […]

Be it a wedding ensemble, party wear or just a casual outfit, jewellery is something that instantly glam up the attire. The use of different textures on jewellery adds a distinct look. The texture on jewellery can either be achieved by engraving or embossing different patterns and motifs. The use of precious gems and stones […]

Shyam Sunder Singh and Vidhisha Gujjar, Hamstech’s talented students earned a remarkable win at the Oppo Hindustan Times Fresh Face 2017 competition. In a fierce competition with wit, talent and performance dictating the who’s who at the event, the two spirited youngsters showcased the best of their talents. They won the cherished prize with the […]

Jewellery has been an important part of the Indian culture, especially during weddings. The wedding jewellery forms an integral part of the wedding trousseau. It undoubtedly adds immense beauty and charm to the bridal attire as each piece is crafted with great precision. Wedding jewellery is often expensive compared to other types of jewellery. Precious […]

There’s a very close connection between women and jewellery. It’s almost like one without the other is incomplete and they both complement each other. Jewellery has been associated with the human race for centuries. In an Indian context, right from the Indus Valley Civilization, men and women have been adorning different types of jewellery. What […]

Industry based learning is an essential stream of education that should be actively functional providing a potential opportunity for enthusiastic and talented youth to advance their career substantially. The relevance of skills and knowledge gained from an educational institution are best tested with its applicability and compatibility with the present times as a potential problem […]

Diamonds are one of the most precious things in the world and believed to be the traditional symbol of love. Conventionally a man proposes to the love of his life with a diamond ring. Diamonds are valued high and considered as the heavenly stone by many in the jewellery world. It’s a popular metaphoric practice […]