“Trends come and go, and style evolves. It’s important to have pieces of jewellery that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashions”- Karen Elson. Karen Elson, a singer, songwriter and guitarist thus beautifully expresses the eternal beauty and presence of jewellery. For centuries, jewellery was considered as an important part of human adornment. Stones, […]

The jewellery making industry in India is one of the largest and most ancient industries in the world. The intricate and delicate artwork defined with embellishments and gemstones and the use of pure metals are the highlights of the Indian jewellery industry. Some of the popular types of jewellery include temple jewellery, gold jewellery, terracotta […]

Business challenges are inevitable as many businesses strive to be the best, thus creating tough competition. Depending on an individual’s potential, a business may either flourish or face tough challenges. Therefore, in order to establish a successful business, an in-depth business knowledge and specialization in a particular field is essential. There are many creative fields […]

Jewellery has been an important part of the Indian culture, especially during weddings. The wedding jewellery forms an integral part of the wedding trousseau. It undoubtedly adds immense beauty and charm to the bridal attire as each piece is crafted with great precision. Wedding jewellery is often expensive compared to other types of jewellery. Precious […]

Learning in the modern times is rapidly shedding the features of the educational methods that existed a few decades ago, thanks to the widely available digital resources that are changing the method, vastness and quality of learning in every domain of education. This stands true for the realm of professional education also. Even though the […]

There’s a very close connection between women and jewellery. It’s almost like one without the other is incomplete and they both complement each other. Jewellery has been associated with the human race for centuries. In an Indian context, right from the Indus Valley Civilization, men and women have been adorning different types of jewellery. What […]

“All punk is is attitude. That’s what makes it. The attitude.” says Joey Ramone. The quote drastically brings down the effort to explain what punk is. The wave of aggression to break through established norms of fashion and lifestyle, that swept over history in the 1970s, has created a new ground for generations to express […]

One of India’s unrefuted icons, Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who the nation had the fortune to have as its President, left behind a spark of inspiration for generations to ignite their minds with. In honour of his keen interest and attempts to inspire and guide the youth, his birthday, October 15th was declared as World […]

are a number of jewellery designers in the market who prioritize in creating new leanings in jewellery designs. It is a constant effort to make their designs trending. People who look forward for new styles keep in track with popular trends and keep updating the jewellery sections in their wardrobes. New trends in jewellery designing […]

Jewellery fashion has grown so very liberal that today’s jewellery design revolves around the concept of personalisation and expression of moods, ideas and that typical affirmation of mindset known as “making a statement”. Jewellery is not just about beauty and art but has a deeper meaning and a wide scope for improvisation. A typical jewellery […]